July 2021

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The Latest at the EFA

June was a busy month at the EFA:

Highest-Earning Side Gigs

Proofreading and editing came in third on a list of high-earning gigs, according to an analysis Canva performed “to help freelancers make the most of their side hustles on Fiverr.” The report also found that part-time freelancers in proofreading and editing had earned a total of $341,945 as of March, ranking it second in top earnings for the period.

Selling Your Freelance Self

It’s probably been a good year since most of us have been asked that oh-so-American question: “So, what do you do?” Though written for writers, Evan Jensen’s four-step process on creating an elevator pitch applies just as much to any freelancer. You can then put that pitch to use on your landing page or via email marketing. If you feel your branding is weak, IttyBiz shows us the importance of three words in building a strong brand. And if you’re a little overwhelmed by it all, “The Editing Podcast” offers advice on beating the freelance marketing blues.


In addition to the podcast episode mentioned above, several others are worth a listen this month:

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